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Bottle sterilizers

There are many types of bottle sterilizers, but electric steam sterilizers and microwave steam sterilizers are the most common ones in specialized stores. Each can take different number of bottles and accessories like nipples or rings.

With the electric steam sterilizer the items for sterilizing are stacked inside with a specified amount of water without any chemicals and it takes a few minutes to sterilize. The bottles remain sterile for several hours as long as the lid isn't lifted.

Microwave steam sterilizers work in the same way except that it must be placed in the microwave. They are usually cheaper than the electric products, but you must check that all items you sterilize with this unit are microwave safe.

There are other types of sterilizers on the market like cold water sterilizers and disposable sterilizing bags. The cold water sterilizer is simply a container with a holding rack and a lid. They work by mixing a sterilizing solution or tablet with water and then fully immerse all the items in it. The disposable sterilizing bags are useful when you're traveling, as you can sterilize things very fast by adding a tablet and water. They are not as reliable as an electric or microwave steam sterilizer.

Express Microwave Sterilizer by Avent

Express Microwave Sterilizer

by Avent

The Express Microwave Sterilizer by Avent combines the benefits of steam sterilization with the convenience of the microwave.

It will save parents valuable time during bottle cleaning and preparation. The plastic sterilizer comes with 2 9 ounce Avent bottles including nipples, rings and covers. The sterilizer includes a specially designed rack that will hold the bottles. It can hold up to four Avent bottles and accessories and is small enough to fit easily into most medium size microwaves.

The Microwave Steam Sterilizer can sterilize your bottles and pump equipment in as little as four minutes, and it will keep its contents sterile for up to 3 hours if it is kept closed.

Shipping Weight: 2.40 pounds

Four Bottle Microwave Steam Sterilizer

Four Bottle Microwave Steam Sterilizer

by Dr. Brown's

The Four Bottle Microwave Steam Sterilizer by Dr. Brown's is dishwaher safe, uses tap water and includes plastic tongs.

It will sterilize your breast and bottle feeding equipment safely and simply. Based on the hospital method, the intense heat of the steam kills all household bacteria. It's great for sterilizing pacifier's too.

Shipping Weight: 2.3 pounds

Microwave Sterilizer with Soothie Bottles

by The First Years Microwave Sterilizer by The First Years

The Microwave Sterilizer with Soothie Bottles by The First Years is an inexpensive, compact unit fitting easely into any standard microwave, featuring a color change indicator to notify parents when the sterilizing cycle is complete.

It holds up to four bottles and nipples. A removable drying rack keeps you organized. Includes a bonus of two 5-oz. Soothie bottles.

Product Dimensions: 7.25H x 11W x 11.5L"
Shipping Weight: 2.55 pounds