A newborn baby checklist and shopping guide
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Disposable diapers

Disposable diapers were invented by Marion Donovan - a young mother in the post war baby boom era. She was unhappy with the leaky cloth diapers that had to be washed over and over. Using disposable absorbent materials, she created the first convenient disposable diaper.

Your baby will spend on average about 25000 hours in diapers and will need about 6000 diaper changes. It's your decision to use cloth or disposable diapers, as it will have a great impact on your baby's comfort and health, on your finances and your peace of mind.

Swaddlers, Size 1-2, Economy Plus Pack by Pampers

Pampers Swaddlers

by Pampers

The Swaddlers, Size 1-2, Economy Plus Pack with 216 size 1-2 (up to 15 pounds) absorbent diapers by Pampers will fit your little baby perfectly and absorb like a champ. They offer a Grow_With_Me fit with super-stretchy sides and soft adjustable overlapping fasteners.

Swaddlers have a special liner which helps keep wetness and runny mess away from baby's sensitive skin. Sesame Street characters are pictured on the top front of Swaddlers.

The Special U-shaped notch gives extra care for your newborn's delicate cord area and a gentle care lotion transfers to your newborn's skin to help it stay soft and smooth. The adjustable fasteners allow for a comfortable fit every time and a super absorbent core helps lock away the wetness.

Shipping Weight:13.00 pounds


Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

Sensitive Baby Wipes

by Pampers

The Sensitive Baby Wipes by Pampers are gentler than a washcloth and water, and are suitable for newborn skin. Hypoallergenic and perfume free, the wipes help maintain baby's natural, healthy skin condition after diaper changes.

They come with a case of 12 resealable packages, each package containing 70 ultra-gentle baby wipes - a total of 840 wipes!

Weight: 16.6 pounds

Diaper trash cans

Simple Step Diaper Pail

Simple Step Diaper Pail by Safety 1st

The Simple Step Diaper Pail by Safety 1st Uses standard 8-gal. trash bags. You can use leftover grocery bags or trash bags, which is a big advantage.

It has a convenient foot pedal keeping your hands from touching the lid, a built-in deodorizer snap-on ring and handles on each side.

Product Dimensions: 2.53H x 10.75W x 13.75L"
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds


Diapering essentials:

Cloth or Disposable diapers, Diaper Wipes, Wash cloths, Powder, Diaper Bag, Sealable trash can